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  1. 5

    New here

    What's up everyone, just joined the forum the other day, mostly just looking for info on what engines can be put into experimental aircraft, both certified and un-certified and some of the steps that come with possibly having a non-certified engine in the plane. I'm in the process of having a...
  2. rv6ejguy

    Interesting Engine Concepts

  3. Skypilot1961

    PSRU plans and parts sources for engines under 40 HP

    Hi fellow builders - Could we build a list of parts resources for building PSRU setups? The pulley's seem to be the most difficult to find short of paying top dollar for those being labeled for ultralight aircraft use.
  4. Chlomo

    South Korean autoengines...

    Greetings everyone!So..another thread about auto engine conversion. Here goes.Where I live in (Seoul, Korea) the roads are practically teeming with Hyundais and Kias(though the percentages have dwindled somewhat in the last few years) which leads me to think those might be a potential...
  5. G

    Losta Aircraft Links All New

    While searching the web these links were found to be interesting they cover a myriad of subjects and several require time to discover all the content. It is suggested you examine each for your areas of interest. If you find dupe let me know and thanks: CAD and 3D freeware Mathtools.net ...
  6. G

    New 2014 Lightweight 1.5 Liter or Smaller Automotive Engines

    Visitor's to the USA might just find cars which are common in their home country. In fact to most older American's roller skates on steroids might be more appropriate. Looking at the 2014 auto offerings there appears to be some likely candidate for conversion. In their effort to meet upcoming...
  7. G

    Engines Choices Now There Are 3

    I found the mother load of PWC engines, so now I have 3 candidates Suzuki 640cc/64BHP, Rotax 782cc/110BHP, and Rotax 951/130BHP. See I'm a quick learner one Tigershark PWC was all it took, still even that lesson was still profitable. Yes it's the giant of BRP/Rotax who won the PWC survival race...
  8. S

    **New** Rotax 532 **New** $1475

    **NEW** ROTAX 532 **NEW** • $1,475 • FOR SALE BY OWNER • All new! Never been run. Pickled. Includes dual carbs & A-gearbox. No starter or oil reservoir. • Contact Cliff B. Stripling, Owner - located Marble Falls, TX USA • Telephone: 830 693 2386
  9. Armilite

    Other Sled Engines used on Airplanes???

    Does anyone use any, Yamaha, Polaris, Arctic Cat, engines on there airplane? Who makes the Adapter plates for there gear reduction drives? Got some photo's? Rich Gillen [email protected]
  10. D

    Newest Aviation Classified site for you

    Aviation Recycle - Aviation Recycle If it Flies, Recycle It We have been online for a time and do have some items and planes listed. Visit us and send your friends and post your extras for sale or trade. Also visit out recycle aviation yahoo group. Just do a search for recyle aviation on yahoo...
  11. R

    Asphalt bound hi-flyer

    Hi everybody! Well were do i begin? It was a crisp fall day in 1975 when my mother told my fath.......... Ok not that far back. My love fair with aircraft started when i was 4 and my dad piled us into his car and took me and the rest of the family to my first airshow. We all left after 2 hours...