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  • Hi Chlomo,

    I was working on more than one engine-project at the same time.
    Another project was moving so far ahead that it was putting the one I have posted on my builders log
    out of "business". There is no use for that engine anymore.

    I wish you luck and courage with all your projects.
    Don't despair to quickly – I have throw away at least 8 engines before I came up
    whit this last one.

    Best regards,
    Hi Chlomo,

    It is definitely an impressive engine. Its been almost 4 years under development with the prototype having been running since September last year. I've had to incorporate a number of modifications as a result of testing but it seems that I now have the basic concept functioning well. Lubrication, cooling, starter system etc have all been refined, as has a number of internal mechanical components. At this point in the test program, we have only taken the engine to 70% of its maximum power and we are turning our prop at the same speed as a dyno tested 120hp Corvair engine turns the same prop. This is very encouraging for my team.

    During the coming week, we will finally be taking it incrementally up to full power. This is very exciting for my team as we already know that it produces the 120hp we wanted for cruise power, now we can see what we can get for take-off and climb.


    Hi Chlomo, These two are the only pictures I have now I took close to a 100 pictures in the form of slides. Over the years the box of slides got wet so these are the only pictures left. I sold it in 1974 and I never saw it again I have know idea what happened to it . The N8461 is not in use according to the FAA.

    Picture 4 of 13 from Cubs
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