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  1. J

    Designing/building a steel cage around the cockpit

    Hi Everyone, As a follow-up to my bubble canopy thread, this is something else I've been noodling: I was looking at the SAM Aircraft a while back and really liked the fact that it was an aluminum design with a steel cage built around the cockpit for crash protection. It got me thinking...
  2. J

    My Safety Concerns About Bubble Canopies

    Hi everybody, My boys and I are finally at a place where we can start a build, and this topic has been on my mind. We've been looking at Zenith 650s for a long time, and also like the Sling 2, Sonex and the RV-12. Problem is, they're ALL bubble canopy planes, and I just can't get comfortable...
  3. jamesbdunn

    Sportsman STOL Kit Features for Homebuilt Wings

    The dominant cause for fatalities in kit planes I've reviewed, is low & slow while: making turns, abrupt control movements, high engine power, wind gusting or wind drop-out near stall speed. For conventional gear / tail...
  4. 1

    Flying the Helicopter to the Bar?? Not a good idea.

    So i guess this guy really needed a drink... If landing turned out so bad, good thing he didnt land, get drunk, then crash taking off. cause he would have killed people. :ban::ban::ban:
  5. G

    AC Crashworthiness Online Book 400+ Pages

    Well folks, if would like to know how to make you project safer during a crash well here it is:
  6. V

    Crash-resistant fuel tanks/fuel cells: Making 'em or finding a source

    I'd be interested in any ideas for making/buying crash-resistant custom fuel tanks or fuel cells (i.e. a tank with a flexible bladder). I'd like to put them in the wing behind the spar, I like the idea of thick cross-linked HDPE or similarly tough, non-brittle material. The auto-racing...
  7. D

    Birth of a Spitfire

    I just thought members would like to know that I have published an Ebook on Kindle based on a book I wrote a few years ago entitled "Birth of a Spitfire" The content is all about my trials and tribulations of building a full size replica Spitfire! I have also posted a video of the Spitfire...
  8. halfscalemustang

    F-4 Phantom recovery?

    So here the story, when I was in eight grade a couple of my buddies told me that while deere hunting on their uncles property they found an airplane crash site. For whatever reason we could never get together to go check it out. Last week I was working away and for some reason I remembered that...