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  1. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 project - comment page

    I've started a build log of my project to redraw the original AV-36 plans into CAD. Since our project logs don't allow for comment from HBA members I'm starting this thread as a mate to the build log for this purpose. Link to the project page...
  2. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36 and 361 plans project

    This is not a traditional aircraft build, at least not yet. I have taken on the responsibility for the AV-36 after purchasing Falconair's rights to the design. After receiving the documentation It became apparent the the plans needed some significant updating. The 'master' plans showed their...
  3. Hot Wings

    Fauvel AV-36, 361 and 362

    I've taken on the responsibility of preserving and developing this classic flying wing design. I received the documentation a couple of days ago, but have not yet had time to fully examine everything. The original plans are in pretty poor shape but I'm confidant that I can get them into...