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    S.M.A.N Petrel amphib

    Currently restoring Petrel s/n 055 in New Zealand. Looking for any technical manuals, construction notes, IPC, Maintenance manuals etc.... that mat assist, particularly regarding the brakes and fuel systems. Any assistance, leads, Indo greatly appreciated. Email me at [email protected] Thanks
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    Looking for someone experienced to help me with my first "simple" airplane design

    Hi, I'm a high-school student just doing my finals next month. For a long time, I wanted to design and build airplanes, but had insufficient funds, time and workshop space. I did not waste my time though. Over the past year, I've been building model aircraft and studying aerodynamics. I've read...
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    osprey 1 amphibian

    selling osprey 1 project. 75% complete. Fiberglass construction. open to offers
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    ICON given green light to begin deliveries

    Well color me surprised my predictions were wrong. Looks like Icon's first delivery will be at Oshkosh. I figured they were a year away from a delivery. Looks like we have another aircraft in the market. ICON given green light to begin deliveries
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    Searay or Osprey?

    Just like the title says. Which one you think is better? Why? I know. It's not an apples to apples comparison. But I'd love to hear from folks who have seen these or built them, or considered them. For me, the Osprey looks accessible. A kit can be bought for under $10k, but I'd worry...
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    Unfinished Projects near Atlanta and Chattanooga

    I have two projects that need a good home, and finishing. The first is a covered fuselage for an Osprey I single seat amphibian. These were also known as the X-28. The plans are available for $150 from the original designer. With the fuselage I have control cables and retractable gear that...
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    Amphibious single seat wood fuselage, cheap

    In a group of aircraft parts that I just bought is a single seat, wood framed amphibious fuselage. I have no idea who designed it. The fuselage is 17' long at center line, 28.25" wide at the front wing spar, and 23.75" deep at the same point. It has retractable gear, though the tires are flat...
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    looking for as much info,tips,links,forums,groups as I can find about 1991 SEAHAWKER

    hELLO,i AM FAIRLY NEW TO HERE.iVE POSTED ONCE BEFORE about Wing in ground effect craft,W.I.G.s.. and am still interested in as much as anyone would like to discuss on the subject of them and the very different design that i have developed and am building now...BUT FIRST THINGS...