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  1. A

    A.Atalla RV-7 build log videos

    Hello all check out my build channel https://www.youtube.com/user/SkiDuneTech I will update this page often Here is my latest video
  2. smittysrv

    Video: Review of the MyPilotPro Swivel Camera Mount

    I tried out this camera mount with my GoPro Hero 7 Black. Pretty impressive results.
  3. J

    New video: Installing a Continental O200 engine in your Homebuilt

    I would like to announce that HomebuiltHELP has created a new video DVD demonstrating the installation of the Continental O200 engine into a Zenith CH750. The purpose of this video is to promote the idea of using a rebuilt O200 in experimental aircraft by showing a typical installation into a...
  4. karoliina.t.salminen

    Video: Burt Rutan and His Airplanes

    Rutan tribute day in Oshkosh 2011. This video is about Burt Rutan and his aircraft designs. Burt tells about how he wanted to do space flight from Oshkosh. Starship and Boomerang flying on the video. Mike Melvil flying Boomerang and Bob Scherer flying the Starship. Link to the video: Burt Rutan...
  5. karoliina.t.salminen

    John Roncz: Inside story about Rutan designs. Airventure 2011, Oshkosh

    Video John Roncz: Inside story about Rutan designs. Airventure 2011, Oshkosh :http://youtu.be/E9eEwyVrAps?hd=1 Link: John Roncz: Inside story about Rutan designs. Airventure 2011, Oshkosh. - YouTube Some people here were wishing for this video, and here it is. Enjoy!
  6. karoliina.t.salminen

    Video: John Roncz's presentation 1 at Oshkosh 2011

    http://youtu.be/nMuHh44upfA?hd=1 Link: John Roncz Presentation Airventure 2011 - YouTube
  7. karoliina.t.salminen

    Video: Dr. Pete Gall's 'Designing light aircraft' presentation, Airventure 2011

    I recorded the presentation: http://youtu.be/xNUGKCBtTIA?hd=1 Link: http://youtu.be/xNUGKCBtTIA?hd=1
  8. P

    Aviation video contest

    Pilotvids.com is currently hosting an aviation video contest. Rules can be found at:PilotVids.com | About Us / Contests The current contest ends Dec 19th.