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  1. A

    RV7 build step by step.

    Hey everyone I got some videos up documenting my Rv7 build. I don’t get paid for making these videos. I just enjoy it. Let me know what you think or want to see on the future.
  2. A

    Hello from Squamish BC Canada!

    Hello all. I’m building a Vans RV-7. My home airport is CYSE. I currently hold a PPL and Iam time building towards my CPL I’m documenting my build on you tube. Here is my channel.
  3. expercraft

    RV-7 tail kit (HStab completed) plus tools [reasonable offers]

    It is with a heavy heart that I post but for now building her is not in the cards. This metal was meant to fly so it is best to get it to someone on a faster build track than I. This is a complete empennage kit (with serial # from Van's) for a Van's RV-7 (tailwheel) and Avery basic RV tool...
  4. H

    Hello from Germany

    Hello, French, resident in the UK, living in Bavaria part of the year and flying in South Africa the rest of the time. I came to aviation quite late even though it was a long time passion that I initially started in Somerset, New-Jersey in the 80s. I have a SA PPL gradually adding ratings. Soon...