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  1. M

    Legal Part 103 single-seat trike as flying boat (like Polaris or Sea Trike)?

    I am searching for an inexpensive low-n-slow Part 103 one-seater Trike with floats--no x-country, usage in favorable wind conditions only. Looking at the non-103 two-seater "flying boats" from Polaris and Sea Trike from the '80s and '90s gave me a crazy idea... why not use an inflatable boat...
  2. B

    Thinking of starting and ultralight build and looking for advice.

    I'm thinking of starting a simple ultralight build. I enjoy building projects like this. I have always wanted to fly and hope to get my license sometime. I stumbled across a guy flying an ultralight online and began researching them but I had a few questions so I thought I'd ask them here. Cost...
  3. J

    WheelChair U/L

    I would like to build an Ultralight, I have a generic Wheelchair (10-20lbs) and thought what if i made an ultralight with it? I was thinking along the lines of a Kolb Ultrastar but maybe with two engines and large props. Are there any plans that I might be able to use? Can I do this under...
  4. proppastie

    Using Autocad V14 Region data and Solids data for stress analysis

    After reading 10 pages of threads with the key-word “stress” I do not feel I belong in the same room. That being said I am doing a feasibility/design study of converting an existing design to aluminum stressed skin design. I am using the Autocad region data and solid properties data. I am not...
  5. P

    Foam Ultralight?- New Design

    Hi forum, I have been researching building aircraft for a long time and want an ultralight (can't solo- not old enough) but none of these airplanes are as strong as I would like or are too much. I have been also researching the design of my own and came up with a plan for a sporty looking, low...
  6. Tiger Tim

    What's wrong with the Affordaplane?

    Or, more correctly, how would you fix it? Like so many others, I'm intrigued by this simple-looking airplane and interested in building something like it some day. I don't know if it's the in-your-face simplicity of the airplane, the excitement of flying so exposed (while still in a...
  7. P

    M.E. Project Ultralight Design Log

    I stated most of this in the new member into page, but I'll repost the background info on this project to have it all here as I add to this thread: Myself and two of my best friends are mechanical engineering bachelors/masters students at University of the Pacific here in Stockton. We have a...
  8. Head in the clouds

    New ultralight - what configuration?

    The 'designing a new ultralight' group on the 'A challenge to you all' thread in the General Experimental area need to know what configuration of aircraft most people would like to have, if they built one, please let us know your preference. Thanks If you choose other please let us know your...