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  1. F

    New Twin Aircraft Design

    Hey Guys, I wanted to get your opinions on a new safer twin aircraft design that me and my Professor have created and tested. It should eliminate all of the Vmc issues encountered in the "classic" layout of a twin engine aircraft. What do you guys think? Think this is something you would...
  2. G

    Rutan's Bommerang-like high altitude twin STOL concept?

    Hi everyone, What's your thoughts on the conceptual design of a high altitude twin STOL airplane using the twin safety method of Rutan's bommerang? This airplane would be specifically used in Tibetan-like area for observation, search and rescue, supply and medivac. Like the old saying about...
  3. Wagy59

    Liker of Aeroplanes

    This forum thing is new to me, but I'm liking this, except I hate the thing where you have to come up with a title for this...why do I need a title?...I don't get that..I'm not writing a book or an whats up with the title thing? Ok, never mind. I'm just being grumpy again..everyone...