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  1. B


    Brand new 2 Airhawk tires with new tubes and Azusa Tri-Star aluminum wheels 3/4" tapered bearings. both for the price of one $ 175.00 you pay shipping 603-401-0740
  2. S

    Joining Composite Tubes

    Hi All, I'm looking to build a truss structure from fiberglass tubes. I haven't seen a lot on how to join pieces together. Most of the stuff I have seen is about extending a tube using an insert. In Solidworks, one can miter a joint to make them fit well together. My current thoughts is to do...
  3. V

    Tube construction: Alternatives to conventional welding

    Okay, I can see the looks of disgust already. Welding is a wonderful skill, and many people enjoy it in its own right. But, if we want the advantages of a chrome moly tube fuselage but already know in our heart that we do not want to invest the scores of hours needed to master welding and we...
  4. base363

    Christmas - New Years Sale (Steel Tube Construction DVD)

    Enter code JRE13 in the notes and receive a $10 discount on my Steel Tube Aircraft Construction DVD. Offer good through January 5, 2014. Thanks! Index
  5. F

    First build advice.

    Howdy. I'm working on my first plane build right now, and have a couple questions. First off, the material is 4130 tube, but what diameter should be used for the fuselage? Wing? For the engine I'm thinking of the 30hp Briggs unit. I saw the 22 horse version on a similar plane, and the guy said...
  6. Rienk

    New Ultralight and LSA Trainer design PAIR

    Sorry about the poll being first - it was supposed to be after this first post. Please read this and then respond to the poll. Thanks, RA Intro One of my passions (beside designing or building things) is to see young people get involved in flying. It is obvious that to do so, we need to make...