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  • Reink,

    My name is Dan, I am very interested in the X-14 design and everything about very small aircraft much like the Cri Cri and sort. Noticed ytou stated you own one of these interesting aircraft do have more pics and information on how this little aircraft worked.

    [email protected]
    Hello! spoke to you from Madrid a long while ago! how are you and how is your project coming (turbine bird)?

    Don't know where the discussion will go with Preceptor Aircraft, but it really does not matter. If it works out that good if not it on to the next company that's suffering from management issues.

    If you need CNC cut parts for your project wood, aluminum and flat plate cuts out of 4130 steel, I can help. Assuming you don't have your own CNC shop.


    Here is the source I found for Generac performance parts. I've never called them or anything. I want to see how well my current engine works before I start changing things.


    Here is one turbo. Here is another. I think both are water cooled. I was planning to just use oil flow instead of water. The real benefit of the water cooling is to keep the bearings from coking up after shut down. Should not be needed in our application. It will be cheaper to just use one of these turbos than to do all the internal engine mods. As long as you keep the RPM under 4000 the valve train should be OK


    On the weekend, I will be home and send the spreadsheets and Scothply data...

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