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  1. S


    FOR SALE P-51 MUSTANG 2/3 SCALE (66%) P-51 MUSTANG (SAL-51) Built in 1988, all wood construction covered with fiberglass. Powered by Ranger Aircraft Engine 6-440C-5, 200Hp straight 6 cylinder in line WWII engine, fully documented with overhaul manuals & parts list. Stressed +/- 10 G. Fully...
  2. halfscalemustang

    Fairchild Ranger prop governor

    I'm working on my P51 project and it's powered with a Fairchild ranger 440 in line six. I'm trying to figure out the prop situation, specifically a prop governor. Is there a spot on the engine to drive one? Were these engines ever outfitted with one? If not how does a guy pull off a scale...
  3. halfscalemustang

    P-51 Replica Q&A

    The V-12 Jurca Mustang that you have all seen on ebay and yes, Barnstormers is none other than mine, good ol halfscalemustang! The same wide eyed kid with a dream to fly a Mustang. The v-12'? guess where you've seen them before, you guessed it! Here! The exhaust and cooling scenarios have been...
  4. halfscalemustang

    P-51 replica parts

    Looking for engine cowlings, belly scoop, and other misc. parts to be used on 80% Jurca P-51 Mustang. Any help will be greatly appreciated.
  5. halfscalemustang

    quickie q2 prop

    I recently got ahold of a Quickie Tri-Q2 with a revmaster R2100 engine. Im new to building homebuilts and dont really know where to go to find parts. Specifically a prop. Is there such a thing as buying a pre-made wiring harness? I have several instruments, but none of them have pigtails off of...
  6. p-5151


    Hi to everybody. My name is Giancarlo, I'm 44, pilot since 1997, rc pilot since 1980. I fly the Loehle P-5151 Mustang " Danny Boy 2nd ", The first 5151 built and flying in Italy. A wonderful 2011 to everybody and mani happy landings :ban: Giancarlo
  7. halfscalemustang

    Have you seen this plane?

    Has anybody seen this plane in action? Its a 50% scale replica of a P-51 Mustang, it attended oshkosh in 2001. I recently purchased it and have little to no back ground on it. Its tail number is as follows N151JV and was built by a small group of people with a fellow named James (Jim)...
  8. R

    An interesting problem

    My first ride in an airplane was in a Pitts Special S2C, and have been hooked ever since. I spent an entire summer working as ground crew for a friend who flew the Pitts in airshows all over Canada. This was an amazing experience but stepping out of the Pitts and into a c-150 to get my liscence...