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    Mike Arnold's AR-6 debuts in Reno day 2

    I hope it's not to boring!
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    Mike Arnold's AR-6 debuts in Reno day 1

    first time in Reno -
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    Mike Arnold's AR-6 at Reno up close

    Found a DVD I had copied this lost tape to. I sure could have used this last week when I was making 'Arnold Rule'! - live action to come after editing (in a couple of days) -
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    'Arnold rule' references

    had to get this out of the way -
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    Arnold rule; Mike Arnold's aerodynamic ideas

    probably the most important movie I'll make -
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    the Only drawing of Mike Arnold's Ar 7

    I stumbled onto this one -
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    Arnold Ar- 5 ad # 2

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    Mike Arnold flies an rc model plane

    One minute clip Mike posted way back, but nobody saw - Here's what Mike said; "Homemade motorglider flying in Vallejo, CA. I got the electronic parts from the Sonic Saber II I got for $59 at Fry's. The Saber didn't fly well but this one does."
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    Mike Arnold visits the Wichita State University wind tunnel

    there you have it...
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    Travis AFB airshow with Mike Arnold - June 17 2001

    not super-exciting but some cool airplanes and I had it laying around - still searching for the lost AR-6 tapes...
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    Mike Arnold builds the bod pod plug and mold pt1

    one of the goofier projects, a medical human volume measuring device...
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    Mike Arnold at the Reno Air Races Sept.18, 1998

    just a road trip for spying on the competition -
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    Building a Drape Molded, Carbon Fiber guitar with a Molded Fretboard pt 1 & 2

    Mike told me about some drape-molded luggage compartments he had fabricated for the Avtek 400, so we gave it a try. The old Safetypoxy was being discontinued and we were experimenting with some new clear stuff they were replacing it with. -
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    Building a Composite Test-bed Experimental Guitar with Mike Arnold part1

    My first guitar building video - an interesting look at Mike's technique with foam and glass;
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    Mike Arnold Forum at San Jose Ca. EAA

    the last Forum video - I think! -
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    Mike Arnold Forum at Concord Ca. EAA

    1993 at the local chapter;
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    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Tapes vintage commercial

    the ad we made;
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    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Crash Rescue

    goodnight! it's very late!
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    Mike Arnold's AR-5 Crash repair

    I ran across this - the AR-5 upside-down in the shop...
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    Mike Arnold AR-5 home movies

    I wish we had video of Mike and I muscling the wing in earlier by ourselves!