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  1. W

    KR2 project. Louisville Ky $500

    I got this in a trade. It's way out of my skill level and I don't want to see it go to waste. Text me at 502-299-6233. I don't answer calls from unknown numbers. I would love to see someone get it in the air, or at least get some use out of it. Will
  2. Bill Clapp

    New Member Thank you

    Thank you to for your welcome to this forum. My name is Bill Clapp and I am the CEO and owner of Azalea Aviation LLC in Valdosta Ga. The last few months we have been looking for a forum site that would meet some of our needs in responding to some of...
  3. K

    1992 Rand Robinson KR2, complete minus fuel tank, needs finished.

    I have a 1992 Rand Robinson KR2 on tri-gear. Everything except the avionics and fuel tank is there to finish the plane. The plane is 95% complete. Has 1835 Hapi motor with prop spinner, has flaps, hyd brakes, dual pedals, dual sticks, needs front deck, cowl and canopy installed. Then needs...
  4. K

    KR2 project for sale: Cheap! $750 firm!

    I have a 1998 KR2 for sale, the project needs finished. Here's the list: the boat needs finished, I cut the turtle deck off to redo it. The right wing is almost done except for a whole in the wing that needs fiverglassed back, and the ailerons done. The left wing needs fiberglass finished. The...