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  1. recmob

    For Sale FlareAssist Radar Altimeter for Glassy Water Landings

    Development of this product started 5 yrs ago, originally using UltraSonic technology to assist pilots in landing on glassy water. Though it worked quite well, there were a couple of bugs that couldn't be filtered out through the software, and the use of UltraSonic technology was abandoned...
  2. P

    For Sale 170 Amateur Built on Floats

    This is a one of a kind opportunity to acquire a proven STOL performer. Aircraft first licensed in 1982 and flown regularly until recent rebuild. 180 hp Lycoming, /cs prop, 2425 floats. Cessna wings,tail,gear, steel tube fuselage. Full details at www.stoneylake.org Best offer over $35000...