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  1. M

    The French Chouchenn

    It's a neat looking little plane for those who are interested. I couldn't find an instance of it being discussed here so I thought I would share. I believe it says "bundles" (plans) are available but I don't know how you go about getting them. Anyways, presenting the "Honey Wine"...
  2. R


    2 Fiberglass Wheel Pants, Originally for Avid Magnum May be modified for other aircrafts. $50+Shipping Call Rick 772-283-4834
  3. J

    New Fiberglass-Faced Foam Boards and Aircraft Use

    Hi all, I've been researching building a Wainfan Facetmobile copy - NASA PAV version with the flat foam/honeycomb panels. In order to reduce costs, I have been looking at facing blue DOW foam with fiberglass (hand-laid). However the research I've done identified two new products that could be...
  4. S

    Composite Materials for sale

    Description: 75 yd roll of 5.8 ounce S Glass retails for $16.50 per yd. Price at appx $11.00 per yd. See links for descriptions. #4533 S-GLASS CLOTH 5.8 OZ. 60 WIDTH from Aircraft Spruce 70 yd roll of carbon fiber Fabric 4 harness satin 49" 3k 5.5oz. Retails $35.00per yd. Appx price listed...
  5. pmbormann

    Hello, from Madison, WI.

    He all. I just joined and i'm just starting to get interested in using fiberglass. I've got an idea for a first project, but I'm going to need some direction. I've got a foam P-51 that I'd like to use as a plug. Does anyone have any experience doing this? Can someone point me to a thread...
  6. J

    Do you HAVE to use everything in order, mold, prepreg, peelply, breather, bag....

    Do you HAVE to use everything in order, mold, prepreg, peelply, breather, bag.... I am asking because we have been playing with other ways, in our shop, of making a part. We have been playing with other methods to reduce the amount of time spent sanding, filling, resin coats, more sanding etc...
  7. N

    BID Fiberglass Cloth; for ailerons, elevators, flaps and rudder

    sold sold
  8. N

    Fiberglass cloth 38" BID

    sold sold.
  9. gicummo

    wing rib gussets

    Hello everybody; I have a problem, I'm traying to resolve it by two or threee differents ways, but I want to know from you why I could be wrong or wright. I can not find 1/16 plywood for the gussets where I live, minnimun 3mm and it isn't very good; so I build my own 1/16 gussets in three ways...