ducted fan

  1. Acrojet

    Scaled Jets (F-16)

    F-16 (60% scale) Statistics and performance: Empty wt: 700-900lbs MTOW: 1900-2100lbs Max speed:350kts red line Criuse speed:250kts Stall speed:~70kts clean (normal landing wt) 65kts landing config G loading:+6 -3 min aerobatic category Range: @FL250 900NM w/VFR reserves fuel capacity:120...
  2. J

    Ducted fan aircraft

    In a lot of RC aircraft an electric or gas ducted fan is used as a source of propulsion. Hypothetically could a small aircraft piston motor be used to create a life sized ducted fan style system for a small aircraft? Or would that engine not be capable of high enough rpm/torque levels to create...
  3. karoliina.t.salminen

    Ducted fan efficiency if engine is taken out of the equation (pure electric case)

    Hi, There has been some back and forth discussion about ducted fans in general in this forum and elsewhere. Usually the limitations come from the engine that turns the fan. In general it has been concluded that the efficiency of a ducted fan is lower than a prop, except I have seen Orion...