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  1. D

    Move along - nothing to see here

    Bye There is an important omission in the calculations for the "Constraint Analysis". Put there on purpose to see what would happen. All of the calculations are simple "hand, closed-form" calculations any high school algebra student should easily follow. Since no one commented on any of them, I...
  2. F

    Hand Calc Static Margins vs. Viscous CFD

    Has anybody here compared a hand calculated static margin to a viscous CFD solution that has a fair amount of detail in the model (landing, gear exhaust pipes, some control surface gaps)? Thanks, Flyboy2160
  3. mo10

    Hello from Mass

    Hi Everyone, I just stumbled upon HBA a few days ago and was pleasantly surprised by the breadth and depth of the topics and answers. It will take me some time to explore what is here, but so far it looks like a good match for my interests. I am an aerospace engineer by education, but I've...