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cassutt special racer

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  1. TomCassuttGrandson

    Cassutt Aviation Design Archives - The Drag Physics of Stone Skipping

    Hello Everybody! This is an amazing article from my Grandfather Tom Cassutt's personal aviation design files that I'm currently going thru, archiving in our Cassutt Aviation Museum & Library, & also releasing to the public so other Aeronautical Engineers, airplane designers, builders, etc. can...
  2. PhysicsStoneSkippingDragArticle2.jpg


    This amazing article from Discover Magazine August 2003 titled "Walking on Water" talks about how "the gravity-conquering grace of a well thrown rock has inspired bomb makers, airplane designers, and physicists." It discusses the Physics of Drag & how to use the Bocquet formula. Another gr8 Cassutt
  3. MetalsWeights&Densities3.jpg


    Quick reference table from Tom Cassutt's personal aviation design archives. He referred to these all the time during his lifetime & came in super handy
  4. MetalsWeightsQuickRef2.jpg


    Quick reference on the weight & densities of commonly used metals in aviation design
  5. 1958NewsArticleTomNatChamp.jpg


    This is an awesome article I recently found in my Grandfather Tom's personal records archives from 1958 when he won the Goodyear National Air Races in Ft. Wayne, Indiana w/ his 1st plane the Cassutt Special 1 Racer (Cassutt 111)