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    BD-4 / Bede 4 almost completed(- engine) For Sale with metal skinned wing tanks.

    $5,500 PLEASE DON'T PM ME. Just call 925 456 4388 or email direct wpre123 @ yahoo .com If you're not familiar with this model take a look at the factory website. It's hard to beat the performance of a BD4 for less money. Complete rolling(taildragger)...
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    BD 4 project for sale

    This BD 4 project was flying at one time. It had some hail damage and was torn down and stored inside for many years. There is no engine, the wings are fiberglass, the plans and some metal for the tail is included. It is being sold by my EAA Chapter 865 in Niles MI. We are not BD 4 experts so...
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    BD4 Project, For Parts or Finish

    This BD 4 was flying until it acquired some hail damage. It has been stored in a hangar for many years. However, there is very little if any corrosion or damage. It includes plans, construction booklets, wings, fuselage, parts for the tail, interior and gear. No motor. This would be a great head...