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  1. P

    K.O.H.L.E.R COMMAND VTWIN CH750 based engine

    I am investigating using the Command Vtwin 25 hp block to build a stroker direct drive 3200 rpm max and around 35 hp. Looking into what the tractor pullers are doing with performance parts is informative but not really close to what low rpm mission for this engine. One vender is offering...
  2. Scott luther

    Intruder 250cc 4 stroke EFI engine

    Curious if anyone has used this on a part 103 ultralight. It’s 35hp and water cooled, 69lbs inclusive of oil, water, and exhaust.
  3. TiPi

    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) - TiPi's conversion for aircraft use

    It has been suggested to open another thread specific for the conversion of the Briggs & Stratton 49-series of vertical shaft engines to an economical and reliable aircraft engine. So here it is:) The Briggs & Stratton 49-series family currently (2019) consists of 4 streams of engines...
  4. dougwanderson


    350cc 25 to 35 hp to 750cc 50 to 65 hp Honda and Kawasaki motorcycle engines 4 cylinder over head cam smooth running, light weight and cheap. All we need is some one good with a CAD/Cam software to design a new crank case with a built in chain gear reduction connected to a prop shaft and oil...