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  1. Scott luther

    Intruder 250cc 4 stroke EFI engine

    Curious if anyone has used this on a part 103 ultralight. It’s 35hp and water cooled, 69lbs inclusive of oil, water, and exhaust.
  2. TiPi

    B&S 49-series (810cm3/49ci) - TiPi's conversion for aircraft use

    It has been suggested to open another thread specific for the conversion of the Briggs & Stratton 49-series of vertical shaft engines to an economical and reliable aircraft engine. So here it is:) The Briggs & Stratton 49-series family currently (2019) consists of 4 streams of engines...
  3. dougwanderson


    350cc 25 to 35 hp to 750cc 50 to 65 hp Honda and Kawasaki motorcycle engines 4 cylinder over head cam smooth running, light weight and cheap. All we need is some one good with a CAD/Cam software to design a new crank case with a built in chain gear reduction connected to a prop shaft and oil...