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  1. J

    Rotax 912 Performance upgrades (Turbo, Big Bore, Etc)

    I have a Zenith 601XL-B that's getting close to needing an engine, and since I'm out west in Southern California with family in CO, I'm thinking I need something with some high altitude performance and reliability behind it since I'll be flying over mountains - and of course I'm on a budget...
  2. L

    Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion by Vz POWER 120hp

    Let me introduce you our Rotax 912 Turbo Conversion offering: we deliver a ready to bolt on 120hp turbocharged engine, simple, light, powerfull, responsive, and... quite affordable (compared to the Rotax 914). We also deliver the turbo kit alone. I will not make the post too long, as all...
  3. rv6ejguy

    Turbo Subaru RV8

    Geoff Braddock flew his EJ257 powered RV8 on Dec. 27th in Australia Empty weight was 1187lbs. He's using an Autoflight H6 300 gearbox with 1.95 ratio and an IVO 68 inch in-flight adjustable prop. A few initial numbers: 2500fpm climb at 90 knots with full fuel running 5500 rpm and about 44...
  4. P

    Rajay Turbo

    I have a turbo removed from a Glasair I RG, with an IO-360-B1E. Owner says less than 500 hours, just wants it gone. Will entertain reasonable offers. [email protected]
  5. J

    Custom Turbocharging a Continental GTSIO-520

    Here's a hypothetical for anyone who has the knowledge to consider with "record-breaking" implications. I'm doing some research on what would be required to "operate" a GTSIO-520-H at 60,000 ft with a two-stage turbocharging system. Automotive turbos are OKAY and I'd like to have ~120 HP at...
  6. G

    Look for airplane design: Take [email protected] feet

    Why? Very simple: I want to fly in the Tibetan area and bring up kids in that area to let them see their hometown from an aspect where they've never seen before. To realize this dream I need an airplane with the following attributes: 1. be able to take off with two on board and some fuel at...