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Hi Andy. In order to design the planform of my delta project, i need to obtain the spanwise lift distribution at cruise speed, over several iterated planforms until i achieve something aproximately eliptical. i am having a hard time finding papers on lift distributions that work on low AR and sweep and where the mathematical complexity is reasonable.
Would openfoam be appropiate for such a task?
I am aware that an eliptical distribution is not feasible in a high sweep low AR delta, however an eliptical should be a benchmark and i would like to be able to check deviations, specially at the tips.
@berridos, I use Solidworks for doing geometry. You could use anything that can generate an STL file but it's nice to use a parametric modeler because you can iterate geometry relatively quickly. It's a steep learning curve to tackle though! OF with inviscid flow sim will tell you lots - you need to keep the process as simple as you can to do the job needed.
Andy, thx a lot. Have been reviewing lots of info and tutorials on xlfr5 and openfoam and your proposed route seems perfect. For some reason in the tutorials they dont recommend solidworks for the stl because of the tringle quality and catia is a unaffordable. Will give a try to blender. Did you have any problerms meshing your geometries from solidworks in of?
Promise me you will finish one of your airplane projects before before starting another one! Of course I start a dozen hobby projects for every one I finish, but do what I say not what I do.

BTW, I hope you're taking medical advice from doctors rather than judges. And I hope your daughter has recovered fully.
In the five years I've been here, I have never seen a single person here finish an airplane, and post a video flying it for the first time.
Hope you are doing well. How are things going in China now? I will be checking in on Glassair and Top Cub when I return to WA state. Things appear to be grinding to a halt. Both have China investors.
Hi, my name is Grant and just read your Oshkosh post. Is this Dan? The reason I ask is the photo of Dan's plane at ATC KRNT. I assume the answer is no and believe we may have spoken once about 8 mounts ago when you were flying the plane.

Post is to long. More to follow.
I am writing because I though we may get together this summer to make up for the KOSH nogo. I am retired but still fairly active in aviation. I have a lot of things to find homes for as I downsize. If your son is interested in aviation I would like to pass along a few objects and stories for his education.
Give me a call sometime. I am in AZ at present but will be back to RNT soon as the Covid19 backs off.

425 495 7946 Pass the number to your son if he has the interest to call. Text too.
You were correct in your assumption re: Mitchell Wing with 24 hp being viable. I know, I built two of them... started with a 12.5 hp McColloch engine... then an 18 hp Zenoah engine; Then a Honda Oddessy; then a 25 hp KFM. All set up in pusher configuration. All stable except Honda.. too heavy.
Had many hours of great flying fun with each one. KFM best by far of all engines flown with.
New member. Planning to start plane construction as a Retirement Hobby. I purchased the completed half of a LM-1A, now I need to build the fuselage.
Hi there, I saw a post of your pretty sweet mini P51 on one of the threads here. I was wondering, do you have a build log of that bird on the web some where? Thanks,

I meant to point out that we have a report button on every post. If you see something that violates our Code of Conduct or is just plan not appropriate, please hit the Report button. Each report shows up on our queue and we look at every one of them. By having you guys report inappropriate content, we can go there straight away.

Flying my Tailwind W8 regularly this past winter. As opposed to 2018/19. Made the cold months much easier for me to deal with😁
I might be interested in the books - why I do not know. I am the last in my breed and nobody will want them when I am gone. But, if nobody hits you up for them please advise with an asking price.
Dave Downey
hello Mr. Berson,
Do you know anyone who looking for a Piper cub project? it's the Fat one J4 not J3. We have an engine for it also, Conti A80, Log book for engine but not airplane. It's stored in my garage here in Spokane, I need the space back. BTW is there a gliderclub in Jefferson County?
Thank you
No, I don't know anyone looking for a project or airplane. Might try your local EAA.
No glider club here. May be one in Arlington.
Spokane /Idaho is a nice area. On my drive to Oshkosh.
Charles L. Brown
Charles L. Brown
Do you still have the J4 cub, a hanger collapsed on mine and destroyed the fuselage.
Hello Dangerzone, My name is Marcos and I´m from Spain. I´m trying to buy an ASSO X JEWEL Plans, but the designer has left us and nobody sell them right now….. If you want to sold a copy or known someone please email me to
Thanks in advance, Marcos
Hello Little Scrapper, I am new to the forum thing. I was wondering how much you overlapped the tubing for the "detail 3" joints in the V-Witt Plans? I am not sure what instruction book the plans are referring to?
I like the post of the RW1 that is full of a Lotta information I can use on my RW2 Thank you
you are welcome, Just remember I'm no expert just figuring things out as I go