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Hello Jedi,
i have found my photos of the 4 link mechanism bike in Austria. Yes it has died by the abundance of variable transmission in bikes of all kind. If You are historically interested I could mail it via PM.
Hello Corsair.
I was just reading your conversation with another user when I saw you offered to send him a video file about vacuum infusion of fuselage skins on molds made from a plug. I am in the very early stages of my aircraft design and am trying to learn as much as I can about the various construction methods.
Is there a number I can call about your 1/2 VW parts? If you want to call me back, please text me first due to robo calls, thanks Andy 412-425-0656 cell
Thanks for reporting that thread. Most of the time, we do not know if a thread has gone of the rails like that unless someone reports it.
Like I told Topaz, not trying to be sticking the mud but when we start talking about trading a life for a T-craft I think it needs to end.
Do you still have your Sportlite 103 plans? I just bought a set of Sportlite 103 "plans" and all that I got was the "Master Manual." No full size templates or the CD with the CAD files. I don't think that I got 200 pages as you had described. Do you know where I can get this material to actually complete my plans set?


Ken Adams, Jr.
Hi, just read your post... DO you still have that battery with the seperate charging leads ?? I'd like to have it to dissassemble and inspect.
I'll pay the shipping.
Did u contact the seller about the issue ?? what did they say ?
DId u buy another lithium battery from them ?
email me directly at info AT

Hmm. I am not seeing any paved airports at Horton. Your bird based at Reynolds Field? I do not know what a Pete Myers Special is, but it sure looks like an F1...
LOL. There arent any. I’m based at KJXN. Thats a Cassutt IIIM built by Pete Myers then rebuilt by Giles Henderson.
Thinking about building the brake pressure container that you talked about. What is a good PSI to use ? Also , do you use about 2 gal of brake fluid in the pressure pot and what size container to catch the fluid ? Maybe 2 gal container and mark it for 1 1/2 gal, so you will not run the pressure pot dry and start pumping air.
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
I wrote a lot more detail, but this thing only allows 450 characters or so and I had to clip it.

I've only been retired 3-1/2 years but I'm forgetting so much already. The bleeder screw is 14" NF, not 3/8". It's the adapter in the caliper that has a larger thread, and the small hole in the bottom of it where the bleeder seats is also small, so the adapter has to come out. Some of those ports were 1/8" NPT, too.
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
... I built that bleeder about 11 years ago and forgot so much. I stuck a 3/4" NPT street tee in the tank port, and used steel brake line, 3/8" I think, as a dip tube and drilled out a brass compression fitting to let the tube go all the way through and tightened the nut with the tube a little bit off the bottom of the tank. Stuck a tank charging fitting in the side of the tee.
Dan Thomas
Dan Thomas
..... That special fitting accepts a tire inflator chuck. You need a valve at the top of the brake tubing to meter the fluid. Slowly at first to lift the air out of the caliper without foaming it, then faster.
Most of my experience was with Cessnas and Citabrias and some others. Not many Pipers. No fun there.
Hi! Is the carb boot for a 1994 Rotax 670 the same as the one for a 582?
No, 582UL used a 36mm Carb, the 670 used 40-44 Carbs.
Please contact me if you do decide to construct your own float. I am working with two others that are wanting to build floats and I would like to see some sharing of the design. No construction taking place at present, just a lot of desire. I am impressed with the Sea-Era hull design and the designer would like to see his concept incorporated in floats. I agree that would make a superior float.
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Hi happy new year.
Sorry.didnt see your message til now.
Windex 1200C has joined the Grob 109B
I recently acquired a Windex 1200C and am looking forward to going through it and restoring it to an airworthy state. The Konig SC430 engine is of concern given that it is out of production. If anyone has some parts laying around, please let me know. I may upgrade it to electric but that is a major challenge given the additional engineering and rework involved. Sure wish the Windex was still in production!!
I recently bought a hornet A model. Would love to chat over details sometime!
Hi, Shane:

You're welcome to send me questions either via here or my personal e-mail, [email protected]. You may also want to take a look at this site where I've been tracking the work that I've been doing on mine as I prepare it for flying again after years of storage:

I’m interested in a set of Acrosport 1 plans. Please let me know if you are interested in selling yours. Looking to build on in retirement. Have Pober’s book on building it.
[email protected]