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Hi John,
Could I ask you to think back and let me know the torque value you used for the nicasil cylinder please?
Thanks for your help.
Hello, please excuse that I write to you only now. the canard is trimmable but for the main thing it is made for the open cabin as a shelf. The center of gravity is OK.
Happy to cut you a set of your dream wing ribs if you like...
That would be hugely sweet! However, I think the shipping from Down Under, to the Wastes of West Texas might be exorbitant!
I would be interested to know a general figure for a per-rib cost for, say, a 54" chord, 7.56" thickness, using your methods. If it
needs to be more specific than that, call it an NACA 4414 airfoil. Think "TEAM Mini Max" for reference.


Hi Everett,
Give me a few days to get some numbers for you.
Okie doke. Thanks! :)
I am nearby and would like to see your project as well as the engine pieces you changed out of.

I am retired, and can be up your way just about any day you are handy...

Hi Billski, I just sent you a PM.
Jaroslaw Janowski flew with his J-1B. Do you have any idea on which airfield he flew? I would be very happy if you could answer this question.
My goal would be, if everything works well and I have enough experience with it, I would like to fly from Switzerland to Poland. Unfortunately I don't know on which airport
We are about to have the final inspections and checks by the Federal Office of Civil Aviation. I think it will be August.
Hello Henryk, you ask me if my J-1B has flown. Yes, but that was the last time almost 30 years ago. I was able to buy the plane cheap and am currently restoring it together with the EAS (Experimental Association of Switzerland).
-sorry,Henri,I was finde Yours
only yet...
I was know Jaroslaw in youth (He visited auer Amateur Building Club in Krakow)_
But my old Fellow,Andrzej Dabrowski was in good relations with Jaroslaw (was build PRZASNICZKA).
Iff You want,I can contact You with Him...?
my e-mail henryk.doruch(at)
Hello, will the M5 install on an unmodified dual carb 503? What is needed to make that application complete? and if the recoil comes off what is the net weight change after installation? the CG of the engine will move towards the prop flange, correct?
Hi there I have a 02 Aeros UL 2000 Flamingo was build in the Czech Republic. Ultrolight looking for Engine and Prop is there anything les Expencef then the Rotax ULS with similar HP and Waight
It had acsident that dameaged the let compost Gear. Have riplaced both with Grove Alominum spring gear only 2 LBS heavier then Existing.
I was not yet really active here, so I do not know exactly how everything works with emailing and sending photos. But I will certainly understand the matter.
I write to you because I read (my English is very bad) that you like this plane. If it is possible for me I will send you some photos.
With flying greetings from springtime Switzerland
Last week we started the refurbished ROTAX 447 for the first time. Everything went perfectly. At the moment I am doing some small jobs and on Friday we will transport the DON to the airfield LSPN in Switzerland. There we will be checked by the Federal Office for Civil Aviation and hopefully we will be flying soon.
Hello, I am writing to you from Switzerland. For almost a year, by a happy coincidence, I am the owner of a Janowski J-1B. This airplane was decommissioned for 28 years, but in excellent condition. I am a member of the EAS Experimental Association of Switzerland. With the help of an EAS consultant I have completely restored the aircraft.