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Zenith CH750 build...


Well-Known Member
Nov 28, 2010
Ontario Canada

I've had some interest in my build on other forums. I figure if I put the details on here I can point people to this thread and generate some new traffic ;) and I figure it's a good place to keep a good track record of my build. Made some mistakes (minor) along the way and maybe this will keep some people for doing the same thing.

Why a CH750?

I've wanted to build a plane for a looonnnnngggg time, since I was 15 actually when I read a Kitplanes magazine that had a "Windwagon" article in it. Basically a modified Hummelbird. Had the flying bug since then... I got my license to fly at 16 and then became an AME after college. Left the aviation business when I got tired of working in the bush on planes and jobs in the aviation field were drying up big time at that time. Went back to school into a different field. Things got in way, as they always do. Work, got married, kid, houses, cars and next thing you know building became a distant memory...still there mind you, just not pressing.

A few years ago, after thinking about it for YEARS I took the plunge! :grin: I ordered a set of H5 plans from Hummel Aviation. I looked them over and really love that plane, BUT I decided I wanted a two seater. Since "Low and Slow" is the way I like it and I've always been a fan of the Zenith STOLS, I bit the bullet and ordered a 750 Kit from Zenair! :ban: I still have the H5 plans. I've been having a great time building and once the 750 is done I plan on building the H5 as a BULA just for a fun flyer. Probably start that in a few years...

How is the build going?

I started building at Christmas of 2011. As it stands now it's on it's gear with the engine mounted. The tail is done, the wings are done. I'm currently running fuel lines and electrical work. I'm hoping for a pre-cover inspection to be done by MD-RA this fall.

Overall it's an impressive kit! Had a few issues but nothing major. Zenair is only a phone call away and always has answers. Got a few parts that were not right and they were replaced right away. The kit is "match drilled" for the most part so basically you cleco the parts together, enlarge the holes and rivet them together...well a little more involved than that, but basically that's as simple as it is!

What's it going to have?

After the flight testing is done I'm putting amphibious floats on it. Going with a MGL or Dynon glass panel. The engine is a O-235 putting out 115 hp. Vortex generators on the elevator. Went for the dual stick option, not crazy about the center "Y" stick the plane comes from, although I hear good things about it.


I'll start putting pictures below from the build along with pertinent information! :zzz: Might take a bit before I get them all on...

So here we go...
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