Z Stiffened Panel Buckling Test

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Feb 19, 2012
Looking at the Load Test Question (Load Test Question) thread one can see the problems I encountered. The current plan is to add nose ribs and Z stiffeners. One of the problems of calculation for the Z stiffened panel is that the equations are based on test data. One is not suposed to extrapolate data curves.....and there was no data for the .016 skin I am using. I decided to make a test panel and test it to destruction in pure compression. I made a fixture, panel, and pressure gauge. The gauge was made out of a 10,000 psi 20,000 lb Harbor Freight body work cylinder and a pressure gauge. Cylinder is 43mm and there is a 2.25 sq inch area.....The pound force is 2.25 the pressure reading. I proved out the gauge against my hanging scale, tested the panel until it buckled.

The calculation said 823 lb per panel and there were two panels. The test panel failed at 1699 lb. 2x823=1646 lb. IMG_1270.JPGgauge775psi.jpggauge775psi2.jpgIMG_1279.JPG


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