Your SS Exhaust

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Jan 30, 2003
Jupiter, Florida
Well, I have welded SS 321 and (I think) 317 with Oxy/Acet and my regular filler rod, held together very well but sure looked ugly!

I think you could probably do the job with a SS filler rod, and have it do pretty good.

The flame actually shields the metal from oxidation/reduction, if you are careful to use a neutral flame, not too much pinpoint.

I know that there are rods for welding SS - heck, people TIG it every day. Just try to clean the joints thoroughly and give it a try. You've already got the tanks, regulators, hose and torch, and a couple of rods ain't gonna set you back too much.

Having said that, people also weld aluminum with a torch - but I always heat it too much and wind up with holes. I think maybe I need to get different colored welding glasses!

Good luck!