Wrenches and other tools


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May 25, 2015
My project isn't at my home but at the airport where I work. I am not a mechanic but I do enjoy helping them when the airplanes i fly need maitenance. I have found that a lot of my home tools have migrated to the airport and have bought a few for the project. I have nice tools at home some were my grandpas that I really don't want migrating to the airport. I've been looking at the harbor freight pittsburgh pro line thinking i may get a socket set, and an SAE and a metric wrench set to accompany the screw divers and such that have already migrated. I know the tools aren't top line maybe not even middle line, but to for this purpose to leave where after the project is done to use to maintain it and use on other once in a while jobs. The mechanics are good about letting me borrow their snap on/ mac tools, but they need them to do their jobs and i try to stay out of their way when I'm not helping them. Also every dollar spent on tools now is a dollar of my "allowance" i can't spend on building materials. So i figure when the plane is done I can buy the wrenches and sockets i use the most off the mac truck when I've saved my "allowance" back up.