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Parts For Sale Worktables / Tools fire sale Irving Tx

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Oct 11, 2006
Irving, TX
I'm no longer using my worktables and tools and would like to move them from a storage unit so here's you chance to get some used but usable tools etc for minimal cost, and some just for free. These probably aren't worth paying for shipping so this will probably be mostly for the builders in the DFW area. I've attached pictures - not sure in what order they will appear.

> I've got two worktables, both made using the EAA method: $name
One is 8 x 4, the other is 70" x 40". Table top is 3/4". Asking $75 for each.

> Skil table saw - #3310 - just the saw, not the base/legs. $50.

> Delta Shopmaster DP200 drill press - $50

> Skil 6" bench grinder #3380-01 - $25

> Bessey 6" heavy duty vise - - $25

Central Machinery table top belt and disc sander #69033 - $25

Free stuff - just come and get it.

Skil 7" corded circular saw (13 amp); B&D Workmate; 4" Ryobi angle grinder; 2 plastic folding work tables 26" x 30" and one plastic folding saw horse; 2 x 6,000 lb jack stands (13" - 21" range); lots of wall brackets; large plastic tool box; assorted tools - files, coping saw, misc saws, metal snips, hammers.

I've got a lot of use out these tools and tables, made some great projects and now hopefully you guys can use them some more.


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