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Wig/wags, nav, and landing lights for the Sonerai?


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Supporting Member
Mar 6, 2021
As I am waiting for the glue and paint products to arrive, it makes sense to run all the wires etc., especially in areas that will be tough to get to later, like the tail, and the wings/wingtips as they are stripped and prepped for paint.

My intent is to have the red/green/white lights in the wingtips sort of molded in, and am looking for some smaller teardrop LEDs for those, with probably a rectangular wig/wag LED strobe flushed into the wing leading edge (assuming that wont blind me) and landing lights underneath those in the same flushed in area.

Any input? The Sonerai really does not have much if any room in the nose for a landing light, so that would be my very last choice. I also want to keep the airplane as slick as possible and so really do not want big heavy lights sticking out all over. I DO want to be seen in the pattern especially on the off chance I might be landing at dusk.