Why Mentoring Matters

Discussion in 'Hangar Flying' started by Wayne, Mar 4, 2016.

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    Here you go folks - this is an email we received today (my flight school buddy got it), and why I invest so much time and energy into EAA. I know some of you also do this, and mentor youngsters on your own, and I hope this makes you feel good about what you do. When I was 13 I didn't amount to much (not sure I do today either) so I am delighted when I see things like this. We have invited her to Young Eagles and to our other Youth Programs.


    I was very curious on the age you have to be to start ground school lessons. And the prices they start at. I'll let you know about me so you can have an idea of what I'm going for. My name is XXX, I am a very go getter person, I love to push my limits with my knowledge to get me where I want to be. Giving up isn't in my life lane. I am a 7th grader from XXX, I am 13 years old with big dreams about space exploration, shuttles,I am VERY interested in lots of science and aeronautic and space topics,and becoming the first woman on Mars. Now getting to the point I want to be at, I need to work. But that doesn't bother me if its for what I want. Working at NASA is a huge part of my future and I have read my requirements. My goal is to become an astronaut and I was thinking about how I could help my self out in the long run. I plan on joining the Air Force after school. Having a lot of interest in these great topics would help me out a lot. And going to the Air Force with a lot of background knowledge from these classes would really help me out in my careers future. And I'm planing on being a pilot in and earn my wings in the Air Force. I am very excited to start my education into the things I love early. Thank You So Much For Your Time.

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