Why I like Experimental...


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Sep 20, 2003
Corona CA
Ah, the joys of the FAA....

Had a form 337 come back the other day. Recovered a right wing on a Pacer Using the Ceconite process and said so on the form. "We were unable to determine which Ceconite fabric, dope or paint type was used..." I said "Ceconite". I said "according to Ceconite procedure manual 101"... But, fool that I am, I didn't put the STC number down. Now I can't expect them to search through all the different Ceconite procedures to find the right one, can I?? I mean there must be hundreds of "Ceconite procedures" and hundreds of different Ceconite Procedure manuals" out there....

On the same airplane: It's a converted PA-22 Tripacer. Using STC SA45RN it has been converted to a PA-20. I installed an Alaskan Bushwheel kit, approved for PA-20s. FAA comes back and says that kit is not approved for a PA-22. No kidding? It's not a PA-22. It's a PA-20.

First time in 8 years I had 337 come back.

I have two more big projects and I think I'll be done with certified airplane nonsense.