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Jan Olieslagers

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May 28, 2014
Haacht, Belgium
My (Hungarian built) 912-powered plane uses instruments like XIH4.0018 (CHT), XIH4.0010 (oil temp) XIE4.007 (oil pressure)
I should now like to add a CHT gauge and of course I want it to be identical to the one already present.
I can find only one importer/distributor, that is German company Road-Online. They would not sell to me directly, which I can quite understand and accept. They would however only point me to one single seller to end-users, and I should prefer to have a few more options. Any suggestions for where to buy these instruments? Preferrably not in USA (complications and cost with import duty), European shop preferred but Asian webshop might come in handy, too.
I did find it in one shop in Poland, but do not really like to deal with a company that advertises only in its own (minor) language. IH71.2B35.2201

PS some web findings suggest the original manufacturer might well be in India.