Which one of these two primers is better?


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Apr 9, 2020
I'm looking for some universal primer for aluminium parts, used as is without any further coatings inside or with another coating like the instrument panel or bits and pieces on the outside with another coat. Ideally i want to just have one primer for everything. Where i live aviation grade coating are very hard to find. Ordering from overseas involve hazardous shipping and is expensive. I've narrowed down my search to these two options from the automotive world:

1) "Etch Primer/ Wash primer, is a two component adhesion promoter primer. It’s 2 pack reactive polyvinyl polymer with very high anti-corrosion pigment that promotes adhesion and serves as passive treatment of metal substrate, especially Aluminum and top-grade steel." data sheet: https://www.bicben.com/asset/pdf/products/tds/82-3000-tds-EN.pdf

2) "A Two-component Epoxy Primer that contains epoxy resin as the first part and Polyamide as the second part. It provides excellent adhesion to all metals and protects against harsh conditions that can cause rust on steel surface. In addition, it can be used as heavy build filler without affecting the gloss of top/base coat." data sheet: https://www.bicben.com/asset/pdf/products/tds/58-3016-tds-EN.pdf

Both are probably good enough but which one would you prefer? My gut feeling is that 2) is better because epoxy has better scratch resistance for parts that don't get additional coatings, but not sure. Price wise both are about the same with $12-15 per liter.
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