What was the first airplane you flew in and how old ?

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Jun 12, 2022
the rear cockpit
....I noticed your response to the question and about teaching your self to fly.. I don't think their are a lot of us left that did that...

I did cut and paste a quote-- in #155-- from the 1933 Edition of the Modern Mechanix Flying Manual about the way people used to teach themselves to fly. But I had a very good CFI-S instruct me per all the relevant regulations. If I had built the Pietenpol myself, and it belonged to me, I would have tried a few practice taxis. However many it took... The tail comes up almost at once and liftoff solo is easy-- under 200 feet... But... I would have kept it on the ground... :rolleyes: You know... 'cause you have to. But I didn't, and I don't, so I couldn't.

Anyway, I soloed it-- after being properly endorsed-- at 9.5 hours of dual, and I passed my checkride at 47.75 hours of which 24.5 were solo. It's also possible that I may have a fair bit of unlogged stick time-- not instruction mind you (that would not be legal), all my logged instruction is from a CFI-S who properly endorsed each and every item he instructed me on-- coming from trips taken with licensed pilots who legally logged PIC time as I manipulated the controls. If that in fact happened :rolleyes: ...

I'm saying it like that because I keep getting messaged by others who say what I did "cannot be done." It would be funny if it wasn't annoying. 'Cause, you know, right after I paid him, the DPE asked to see the airplane's OLs, certificate, and logs, as well as my certificate, ID, log book, written test, and application. So, I'm just taking a wild guess that he knew more than SGOTI. :rolleyes: YMMV...
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Aug 2, 2006
6yrs old. Wardair Boeing 747 named "Phil Garret". YYZ to Gatwick. Reverse thrust mechanism broke. Spent additional 6hrs in Gander getting it fixed. Had black forest cake at 1:30 am en rout while everyone was asleep! Just me and the stewardess hanging out!

It was very memorable!