What Happened To...Le Pelican


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Tiger Tim

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Apr 26, 2013
Thunder Bay
Can someone tell me definitively if there are plans available for the Le Pelican ultralight?
I don’t believe there are. The Le Pelican was originally a kit meant only for assembly so the factory manual would have read like instructions for IKEA furniture (Bolt A into Hole B, etc.). One of our members was reverse engineering one and drawing plans as he went but I don’t recall that project making it past some fuselage parts, at least as was posted. Maybe he’s done now but was asked not to post here by the mods for liability reasons, who knows?

Personally, for the small size of the Le Pelican I’d be inclined to design from scratch while taking lots of inspiration from it and other ultralights. Size-wise I think a full-scale C-2 would be a good place to start but I’m not sure if you could make true UL weight.