what can be logged toward repairman cert or A & P?

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Apr 28, 2010
Memphis, TN
I went to a 147 school. It was by a community college. Cost was pennies of what Embery Riddle cost. At my old regional airline, one of the trainers came in and asked what everyone’s A&P cost. The Emberys and Sierras clearly outspent everyone. I spent a big whopping $3000. He of course knew he beat everyone, $48. Same job, same opportunities.

The reason they wanted you to pass practice tests was they wanted good percentage of the people to pass the written and O&Ps. How are you going to pass essentially the same test for real if you can’t a practice? We would watch the stragglers come back from previous classes fail and fail retakes, mainly because they didn’t care. You just had to care a little. Some organizations want to see real success.