Warbird Panel redo


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Oct 24, 2012
Denver, CO
I've recently purchased a T42a project that needs a complete interior restoration, including the panel. Engine steam guages exist. all but the essential stuff was removed. It has the original army paint. I plan to sell it after getting my twin rating in it. Which would improve the 1. saleability and 2. price the most?
a. Modern look. Aspen glass panel, digital autopilot, gps, mode s/ ADS-B transponder, will have a few number of steam guages for backup. Possibly an engine monitor system.
b. Restore to original. Steam guages, put in an autopilot (original was taken out), get some old radios, add adsb-uavonics tail beacon to comply.
c. Resto mod. Keep round guages, mostly steam, but upgrade to Garmin 275 round guage(s), add GPS, A/P and modern radios
d. your recommendations