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Airplane Wanted WANT CH-750 Cruzer Fuselage Kit for EAA/Youth Program

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Victor Bravo

Well-Known Member
Supporting Member
Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
Sooo... my EAA chapter's youth build program is doing great. We're ready to order the fuselage kit (2 wings nearly completed), and someone just said they heard (not fully vetted yet) Zenith is so busy and backed up on production that they may not be able to get us a kit for a while... like until the Raptor completes its engine reliability testing, or Bede delivers the last BD-5 engine, or world peace breaks out or something (8 months).

So we're looking to see if anyone has a fuselage kit for a Zenith 750 Cruzer that they'd sell, donate, swap for stuff, or otherwise let us get our grubby hands onto.

My motivation for groveling like this is that we've built up some momentum and interest, and if we all of a sudden say "OK kids and parents, check back with us in Spring 2023 when we can start building again" we'll lose a lot of our participants, momentum, etc.



New Member
Apr 2, 2022
Get ahold of this guy! Good guy, I was going to buy it but there's enough difference between a STOL fuselage that I just bit the bullet and ordered whati needed. Dan has a brand new Cruzer fuselage kit available:

Contact Dan Klop , Owner - located Chilliwack, BC V4Z0B2 Canada • Telephone: 604-245-9660 • Posted July 20, 2022

It is posted on Barnstormers too.