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Doran Jaffas

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Jun 25, 2019
For those of you that are going to be in the neighborhood of central lower Michigan this Summer we will be having a Vietnam Legacy Event to honor our Vietnam Era Veterans and their Families.
Where...Ionia County Airport..KY70
When.. Saturday, August 1st
0900-1300 eastern time
Why...45 Years since they were told to come home

This is a Fly in, Cruise In, Ride in
There will be about a 20-minute service to honor those veterans and their families with time to eat, socialize, and look at the airplanes motorcycles and cars

My wife and I put these on for ten years. The last one was five years ago.
There will be a bucket passed but no provisions will be taken out of that bucket to go toward expenses. All of the money collected will go to a thoroughly vetted veterans organization or to a veteran whose family is in need. Just a chance to bless those that fought in a very unpopular war.
Feel free to contact me at.. with questions.


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Nov 3, 2015
Doran Jaffas........edit the airport identifier in your post.
The identifier for Ionia is "Y70".

KY70 or 70KY is VineGrove Kentucky......that's my home base.
But since it's posted....anyone and everyone is welcome at our grass strip anytime.
You will be fed,drinks and good conversation.

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