Vegas Cart 460 kit engine w/Ace Aviation belt redrive

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Jay Dub

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Dec 17, 2019
I have been scouring the net to find any information on the VC460 and Ace redrive combination. There was a thread in the forums here that talked about it but I don't find anyone using one. There is a video on youtube of a skypup using a Honda GX 390 and it flies but I can't find any specifics of what was used, RPM, weight, etc.

Has anyone built one of these combos and tested it?

Looking at weights it's not much heavier than a Rotax 277. The VC 460 (w/manual starter) weighs 67 lbs + 6 lbs for the Ace redrive = 73 lbs. A Rotax 277 weighs 65 lbs with the B gearbox with a manual starter. It also sounds like the VC460, which is stock @ 25hp, can be easily turned up over 30hp while the 277 is rated at 26hp. The VC460 is 8 lbs heavier than the 277 but it can be had for $375 + $668 for the redrive shipped to the US, which is just $1043 with "some assembly required" as most toys were advertised in the 70's and 80's.

Jay Dub