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Nov 17, 2014
Pocahontas MS
Wasn't commenting on possible 4 seats; just the ready to fly vs kit.

Only my opinion, but if they can't sell one any cheaper as a kit, it would cost even more to let the customer 'help'.

The Smokey Yunick/Carrol Shelby principle:
If you leave it, $10/hr
If you wait, $15/hr
If you help, $30/hr
(in 1960s dollars)


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Apr 5, 2015
So in the old FAR's, for Part 23 aircraft, it was 14 CFR Part 23.1306, viewable here:

and for the latest version of Part 23, it's 14 CFR Part 23.2515, viewable here: ...
Sorry to be late replying,
I am aware what the regulations say. Pt23 is the minimum standard that allows IMC flight and is written for aircraft up to 12,500lb. IIRC there are only one set of lightning protection requirements, the same for all a/c up to 12500lb. My point is that single engined light aircraft historically do not get hit by lightning, not in the US or in Europe. I have been through 10 years of accidents in the US and 35 years of accidents in the UK. No single engined aircraft crashed while flying in IMC because it was hit by lightning - for whatever reason. It may be the pilots were smart enough to avoid lightning clouds, it may be we don't fly in the right parts of the atmosphere (apparently 8,000ft to 16,000ft) at the right speeds (>150kt) in lightning clouds, it may be another reason. In my view it is a waste of money, time and weight to require light singles flying in IMC to be protected against lightning any more than an an aircraft designed to VMC only requirements.