Ultralight Trikes


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Oct 17, 2010
Gallup, New Mexico USA
So I've been off line for awhile and due to health issues changed direction... but sometimes that can be a very good thing. I never gave trikes much thought. Kinda cool but that's about it. I want to build but want to actually finish it. I want safe and fun. Big on fun. So given I had to make a change. I contacted the instructor here and asked about trike lessons. I joined the United States Ultralight Association and bought latest FAR. Ultralight Flight Training Manual and some other things. Found a fine resource for trikes and bought plans to build a single place 104 compliant trike.. shopped wings and engine. I can build the frame in two months... I think this is a doable path for many of us. I can fit this in my shop for storage... push it outside roll it down to the old lakebed.. take off and fly around the zuni mountains... the existing lake and all manner of high desert terrain. This will work for me... it may for you too!! Life is filled with compromise, but it doesn't have to be bad.