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Sep 20, 2003
Corona CA
Doodling up a decent legal UL has been a backburner project for me for years. My engine choice has always been the MZ201. 45hp, belt reduction, free air cooling and under 70lbs. Great engine but now the company appears to be owned by a Chinese company. Haven't had any word about delivery, service and price or any other info about the new owners. Apart from my computer warning me not to go to their website! Which is silly.

But apart from that engine I don't think there is anything that comes close to it as far as power to weight ratio goes and it has a decent pedigree. What else is out there under 80lbs and at least 40hp? Yes, I googled myself silly but maybe people out there have first hand experience with something suitable.


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May 26, 2019
Do a search for Snowmobile engines.
They can be made to meet your 70 lbs limit.
I'm using a Kawasaki 440A snowmobile engine it weighs 58 lbs with elec starter, but without exhaust pipe.
and some are in the 40 HP range.

Sorry for the bad pic....

Kawasaki engine specs.png


Jan 30, 2015
Pages 479-496 of Berger Burr's Ultralight & Microlight Aircraft of the World 2nd Edition...

20 pages of Engines used in Ultralights, about 4 engines (with technical specs) per page.

All my friends had our favorites, we'd sit around in the cafeteria with our copies of Berger Burr's and proselytize our favorite ultralight with what engine on it and color schemes. We had to get some pilot hours in somehow to be private sector astronauts because nobody else was going to fund it and ultralights seemed the cheapest way to go. I don't know what the boys were doing, mostly talking about Xbox gaming, Youtube Celebrities, and making nasty jokes.

Oddly, none of the plane projects I own now were any of my circled or dog eared favorites from back then.
This leads me to believe, planes and engines pick you, not the other way around.
You get what opportunity and fortune sends your way... someone gives you a free engine, or one comes along super cheap, that you never would of considered, do you say no?
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Victor Bravo

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Jul 30, 2014
KWHP, Los Angeles CA, USA
Hey chopsie, you want a cheap flyable UL, a Hy-Tek Hurricane, for $1800? There's one on the Los Angeles area Craigslist. Apparently this one is flyable and always hangared (at the famous Perris Valley UL airstrip), and apparently the Hurricane was sold as being fully stressed for light aerobatics. It'd get you in the air safely on the cheap, and of course you can paint it camo or put Sidewinders on it or whatever you want. All else aside, we'd all still like to see you safely having fun flying.