Two seat tandem: Asso X Jewel, suggestions?


Feb 18, 2021

I recently joined HBA and for the last few weeks I am in the process of preparing the workshop, gathering some tools, and researching information to decide on a type which has available plans to start the build.

The criteria I have are these:

Low wing monplane
Two seat tandem
Tricycle gear retractable
Range +600 NM
Vs -45KT
Vcruise +130KT
Vno +130KT
Vne +150KT
Loads +5g/-2g
Useful mass +200kg

Preferred but not a fixed criteria is manual retraction of landing gear like in the Mooney M20.

So I would like to know any suggestions for the above; the only type with plans available and fitting all the criteria is the Asso X Jewel.

OpenEZ has unclear plans documentation;
AcroCruiser is great but is only in kit form, like the FlyingLegend's Tucano;
KR-Super2 has never been completed by anyone;
JeanPierreMarie Avions' Layon does not have the range;
Lucas L6B has great range at 960NM but is not well known, only a few built, and I cannot find any contact from Émile Lucas' relatives for the plans.

and several other options I found miss one or two of the criteria.
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