Two of my excel files which you may find useful,

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Jan 31, 2015
Hi all,

File: Aircraft Performance, limited with rectangular wings and 2 bladed props, no taper at all,
Basic aerodynamics ,
Static thrust,
In flight thrust
Tail preliminary sizing
Takeoff ground roll
Rate of climb
Neutral point, power effect is not considered because it shifts the NP only by 3 percent,
Elevator sizing, (downwash needs to be ironed from Naca report 648)

All metric

In Hamilton sheet u will find a static thrust curve ( vertical axis is Ct/Cp, Thrust and Power coefficients) for 2 bladed props having a Blade Activity Factor of 80, I pulled out this curve from Hamilton's Generalized Method of Propeller Performance Estimation for GA Aircraft, this article can be downloaded from NTRS server,

File: Flaps

Valid for rectangular wings, plain flaps, can be partial, i digitized curves from The Aerodynamic Characteristics of Flaps by Young which is available in Aerade server, data will be entered into B60,62, 64 and 66,

I wrote these files in IOS Numbers and converted to Excel, so the files come with unprotected cells and lost red colors of data input cells, no macros,if you use it try not to enter data in cells containing formulas

The thread didn't allow me to upload the files directly so i had to upload them into my dropbox and give the links here, performance .xlsx?dl=0
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