thrust expected from an 1834cc VW?

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Feb 10, 2007
Sopchoppy, Florida, USA
I have Mr. Norris's book and George is right. The last time I talked to Mr. Norris he was at eight-one-eight 360 eleven oh six. Order his "Propellers; The First, and Final Explanation" and get the companion book "The Logic of Flight; The Thinking Man's Way to Fly." And tell him I said "Hey!"
And do you have the month of that "Sport Aviation magazine in 1960," Dave, so I can get Mr. Weick's article? Thanks in advance.
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May 27, 2021
jeffwalin, The Jack Norris's book is a difficult book to read, I don't know if there still available, but probably should be. It's a fundamental step beyond traditional methods that Jan Carlsson used in his original Prop Program, however Jan said he used an approach similar to that Jack Norris book in his later (but lost) program. There is also Paul Lipps's Elliptical Lift Approach which has also been proven. As both Jack Norris and Jan Carlsson mentioned Paul Lipps in their discussions with me, I suspect that there is an overlap of ideas which I am currently trying to establish.
Who knows what the difference will be in the outcome - time will tell.
I know about that book and it's difficulty...I had a copy from some years back but can't find it, and never was able to really sit down and decipher that puzzle. I'd like to try again....