three piece wing attachment design


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Nov 29, 2008
Belleville, Ontario Canada
Almost at the point of bolting/pinning my overlapping carbon rod outer wing spars to the center section but have a few questions of you gifted guys if I may:

Two bolts or one for the outer connection is the basic question? From what I can see of Billski's bird, it looks like two, and the Rutan designs all use two as well I believe. In videos of the Raptor, it looks like only one bolt. Could the one bolt through the center be superior in that it allows the spar to rotate a tiny bit which helps spread the load? Is that not the reason a one-piece spar usually just has one pin/bolt through the center at each side of fuse? Single shear though (in my case anyway) so is that why two bolts might be a better idea?
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