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Bille Floyd

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Sep 26, 2019
That battle has bin going on for decades ; no clear winners yet,

I've flown Point of the mount for about 3 decades now ; what
a beautiful awesome spot !!!

Was 1990 , I test flew this Rigid-wing HG for an engineer
who made one of the 3 prototypes , of the F-35 ; he is world
class , and amongnst the best the USA had to offer, and his
mentor was Irv Culver , who I met in 1991 .

This shot was taken of me on that wing , at Point of the Mt.

Sad to see greedy pricks ; take away such a beautiful flying
sight . :(

BilleApex glider.jpg

Bille Floyd

Well-Known Member
Sep 26, 2019
Ya might enjoy this story :

See the tip wings on that machine ?
I questioned Danny the inventor about the AOA at
min and max L/D speed ; he didn't have an answer to
my liking ,so he made an interview with Irv Culver
the then head of then skunk works , for a week ahead.
I went to the library, brought everything ever written
about Irve , along with all he ever wrote available to the
public. I knew about Irv ; as well as most.
Fast forward :
So hours later Danny and Irve concluded an answer
and I knew somewhere in that 1/2 page formula ; there
had to be S^2 (÷) aria , so i went through the formula
and looked for that Lil 2 above span ; then to back peddle
and understand their language ------------- it wasn't there.
Then I looked for the base formula ; found it without
the square.

I tugged on Mr Culvers vest ; said shouldn't this be squared ?

Irv said : "Deed by God , the boy is right " !!!

As i walked away ; i mentioned that EGO will get ya
every time !
Irv heard me ....
He took me to his library of papers he had wrote
and directed my attention to :

"Where Wilbur and Orville Wright went with their technology ; Vs where
they could have gone, if they eliminated 1/2 their patent pending's".
It was a Great paper . I read that , while Danny and Irv went back
over their original formula.

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